All you need to jumpstart your firm's next-generation legal service offering

Your legal expertise and
market recognition
Our state-of-the-art client-facing legaltech platform

Advanced legal document automation
Create innovative online engines for self-service legal documents that empower your clients and meet their evolving legal service expectations
Streamlined matter intake
Liberate matter intake and client information exchange from email. Offer subscription based legal service models instead.
Innovative Legal Process Outsourcing offerings and volume claim automation
Using the Sket platform, your firm will be ready to deliver solutions for online legal process outsourcing, or make volume claims handling a reality.

Embrace new revenue models beyond selling your billable time

Are you ready to create your own legaltech offering?

Created by lawyers, with legal service business models in mind, Sket allows you to bring your own legaltech offering to market, without having to deal with uncontrollable IT project spending.

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Legaltech is consuming the legal services market.
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